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About us

The singular purpose of our website is to connect food lovers and restaurant owners together. Our website is different from any other Regular restaurant directory in a number of ways.

  • We have a custom location oriented search functionality to allow diners to find restaruants based on a location. Plan ahead and find out how far a restaurant is, before you go. Are there any other restaurants nearby?
    Search Examples:
    "Fish", "Chinese", "Subway" OR
    "Intersection such as No. 3 RD and Lansdowne RD", "Postal Code such as V6X 3P3", "Address such as 110 3511 Moncton Street" OR
    "Fish near No. 3 RD and Lansdowne RD",

  • We enable restaurant owners to be in touch with their customer. Post their store information, add their menus, daily specials, operation hours, post your own pictures, maps, directions, customer coupons and many many more. Information updated in seconds.

  • We are mobile. Whenever you need to inform someone on the road with restaurant information, you can simply enter the phone number and information will be text messaged to the cell phone.

  • We are user driven. Diners are encouraged and free to share their honest experiences and opinions. Even though we verfiy all user reviews before they make public, other than those that are offensive in nature, we keep the original, unedited, genuine reviews.

  • Simple and easy navigation. Our information are organized in a direct and simple way. So the diner can quickly find the information he is looking for without browing forever. Restaurant owner can quickly posted its information and share quickly in real time with its customers.

  • Service is free. Both for diners and restaurant owners. Diners, share your true experience with follow diners, good or bad. Restaurant owners, why spend hundreds of dollars to develop and maintain an individual website.

  • Use of service is subject to agree with our Disclaimer